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Find the perfect class for your little swimmer.



All classes are 25 minutes long and meet for two weeks (Mon-Thurs). There is a maximum of four kids/class.
Choose your class carefully.  There are no refunds, cancellations, or transfers. 


The goal of this class is to get the student acclimated to the water. We will work on the proper ways to enter/exit the water, wall hang, blowing bubbles, prone and supine floats with assist, safe submerging, kicking, stroking. This class is great for the younger toddlers or those that don't have a lot of experience in the water or are not yet comfortable in the water. 



The goal of this class is to learn the "rules of the pool", learning to prone and supine float independently, comfort submerging, prone and supine glide, glide with kick, free style stroke, Spider-Man crawl, roll to the back. This class is great for the older toddler or those that are comfortable in the water already.

4+ yrs


The goal of this class is to reiterate "rules of the pool", Spider-Man crawl, prone float and glide with kick, supine float and glide with kick, basic freestyle, intro to backstroke, learning breath control, beginning diving, intro to side breathing.

6+ yrs


Reiterate "rules of the pool", Spider-Man crawl, floating and gliding prone and supine with and without kick. Endurance and stroke refinement for freestyle and backstroke, side breathing freestyle, beginning diving, intro to breast stroke, intro to butterfly. Must know how to swim freestyle efficiently before enrollment in this class. 

all ages

Private /Semi-Private

Private lessons provide one-on-one instruction for those students that desire more time in the water.  These classes are perfect for the student that works better without distractions from others or those that need just a little bit more individualized instruction. These lessons are custom tailored to each individual.

Semi-private lessons can be scheduled if a parent wants their kids to take classes together.  We can also schedule semi-private lessons for parents that want kids to take lessons with their friends.  The kids do need to be close to the same skill level for us to accommodate them.  Semi-private lessons can be scheduled in any of the Private Lesson time slots. Contact Amy for more information.  

all ages

In-Home Private Lessons

You may register for in-home private lessons if you have your own pool.  Our instructors will travel to your home and teach private or semi-private lessons.   


NOTE: When you register for in-home lessons, please be aware that the time you are registering for is an estimate.  I have allotted 15 minutes drive time between houses, but due to the vastness of the area we are covering, additional time may be needed.  Registration to in-home lessons is pending until approved by Amy Clayton.  Upon approval, Amy will text you that you are confirmed..

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