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Amy's Aquatics:
where kids learn to
swim with confidence.
All classes start with water safety. Whether they're a toddler or a big kid, I want them to know what to do if they fall in a pool. 


Amy is amazing!!! The weeks leading up to her class, my daughter was scared to take her floaty off.  Since Amy’s class she has not had her floaty on.  We had her 5th birthday party at  the pool today and I was incredibly impressed with her skills.  She was jumping in the pool, swimming all around, and diving for the dive toys."


We tried multiple swim places in town for my son who has sensory issues, and every time, he made zero progress. We even tried private lessons. However, we did lessons with Bailey at Amy's Aquatics and our son made progress almost immediately. Their program WORKS!


My daughter was terrified of the water. After just a few lessons she loved the water and then after just a few weeks of lessons she was swimming!!! We are so grateful to Amy and Bailey for their gift of teaching children not only how to swim, but to love it as well. 

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